Soccer and corona

Soccer and corona

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On April 17th, 2020 I sent Thomas D. into the Matrix. I wanted to find out when major events in Berlin are allowed again. So I chose the Olympic Stadium in Berlin as the target. Firstly, because many people fit in and secondly, because it is also discussed in the media when a soccer match could take place again in front of an audience. If the viewer can make a full stadium in the future, this would be an indication that major events in Berlin are allowed again. The target formulation was: “Describe the Olympiastadion Berlin (Germany). Find out when the next soccer match will take place in front of an audience”. You could have written the target better, but it’s simple and says what you’re looking for. As codes I fixed: X = Olympiastadion Berlin, P = Audience, T1 = At the time of the session, T2 = 17. 04. 2025. I didn’t want to set more encodings, I’m not a big fan of many encodings and I prefer simplicity.

Thomas was quickly “on target” with the CRV protocol and described the Olympic stadium very precisely, so I did not send him closer to the target. It was also no matter where the viewer in the target was exactly, he was close enough.

In the first stage the impression came: “Great roundness“. Two tall square pillars loom in front of the stadium. In stage 2, an AOLs came up on “Like a Hall”.

Since we only did one session on it, the result is of course not 100 percent verifiable. Unfortunately, there is a lack of viewers who have the desire and time to participate in projects.

In the sixth stage, I had Thomas work on a timeline. I wanted him to drive off the timeline and enter points himself, where he thinks/feels something interesting is happening. The timeline went from T1 (at the time of the session) to T2 (17. 04. 2025). For the target question perhaps too wide a span. Quite close to T1 Thomas reached a point, he described something “quite fast”; rotating and that has more than 30 EIs to do with it. And that they “watch out”. That sounds like a soccer game. The securing aspect “sharp edges” also fits, if this refers to the boundaries of the field. An audience, however, is not to be seen.

At stage 6, I had the viewer make a dimensioning tool. There I had the viewer enter his next birthday (which is shortly after Christmas). Then the coded point P (P = audience). P he drew clearly behind his birthday. Since a dimension can run logarithmically, 2021 fits well (but didn’t come out quite sure). Unfortunately, I let the viewer make no further dimension, to narrow down it closer. But I had the viewer point P described in more detail: It seems to take place on a day when a cool breeze is blowing and there are also signs of an audience: “Laughter”. Interaction is guaranteed during a soccer match. And that the audience discusses that an action was “stupid” is known to happen more often. It shows that this year there will be no football match in front of an audience in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

Christian Seifert (He is chairman of the executive board of the German Football League and in this function also vice president of the DFB – German Football Association) also believes this to be the case: “We asked the clubs to plan the first part of the next season without any spectator income”, says Seifert. He does not rule out the possibility that ghost games will also take place next February and March. – Tagesschau, 23. 04. 2020

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